Bleu Leman is named for the serene and beautiful Swiss lake, Lac Leman, where I grew up. It connects sprawling vineyards on one side, and the picturesque Alps on the other. It's expansive and ever-changing; a great source of inspiration to me. Nestled in the heart of Western Europe, the Lac Leman region is also home to a mixture of different people and cultures, rich with a host of architectural traditions and design influences that intermingle effortlessly.

We are all mixtures of taste, culture and experience and I believe that our living space should reflect that. As a designer, I want to help my clients create a comfortable space that is not only beautiful, but accessible – a reflection of their own personality where they'll enjoy spending time and can truly feel at home. I appreciate how color, shape and texture work to enhance and alter the mood of a space. My choice in furnishings, textiles, colors and lighting revolve around getting the look and feel just right.

I came to home design after 12 years in the fashion industry, realizing that spaces were a more relevant and compelling canvas for me. I wanted to help people affordably transform their homes into places that they loved. I was less interested in creating particular looks, focusing instead on successfully translating warmth, beauty and a fresh aesthetic to a variety of homes and styles - and not just for the rich and famous.

My extensive travel throughout Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia, as well as 20 years of California living also inform what I do. I am a collector of ideas and design elements from everywhere and integrate them in new and surprising ways. I often find inspiration at the flea market or antique shops where one special item can spark a whole concept for a design. I am also a mother of two young children, and understand how important it is for interiors to be practical and casual enough to be used well. I think about not only whether a sofa looks great, but whether it can be jumped on.

What I strive to accomplish with my clients is to successfully translate their ideas and desires into a cohesive vision and create a new and comfortable space they can call home.