Top Interior Design Trends for 2018

Top interior design trends of 2018.

There are so many new trends emerging and established styles that are growing in 2018. In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite things that are popping up in the design world. From natural elements like wood and handmade ceramics to bold patterns and deep jewel tones, these are the top interior design trends that you can consider incorporating into your upcoming projects.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are super en vogue right now. Pantone, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore all chose jewel tones (Ultra Violet, Oceanside, and Caliente, respectively) for their colors of the year. With their deep, rich hues, jewel tones add a bold, layered look to any space.

Try it at home: For your home, consider painting an accent wall in a room, or throwing a jewel-toned rug down to elevate the look of your space.


Brass is making a big splash in the home. Right now, we’re seeing metals mixed with the softness of wood and stone, and kitchens and baths are getting facelifts with new and reclaimed brass hardware and fixtures. Gold is a popular look this year, and we’re seeing it bring an elegance and rustic regalness to homes. From doorknobs, lamp bases, to faucets, and frames, gold is making its way around the house. Gold is a great alternative to sterile silver, and it softens up spaces that can otherwise feel cold.

Try it at home: Look for gold accents to bring in a soft, understated but elegant look to your home.

Green Marble

Chances are that you’re already familiar with granite counter tops, but if you’re looking for other ways to get that smart, luxe look at an affordable price, consider marble accessories and marble pieces. From tiles to tabletops, counters to coasters, green marble is beautiful and charming!

Try it at home: Look for marble accessories like a toothbrush holder, soap dish, and soap dispenser to add to your bathroom. This is an easy way to bring some luxury into your guest bathroom.

Geometrics and Mosaic

Patterns can add a pop of excitement to any room. Last year, geometrics showed up in home decor—mostly in textiles—in 2018, we’re seeing geo art, tiles, and wallpaper.  Geometrics and mosaic are lots of fun because you can easily mix and match patterns for a truly one-of-a-kind look. If done well, these additions can be striking and versatile.

Try it at home: Start small. Add a throw pillow with a bold print, or look for a lampshade with an eye-catching pattern.

Natural Accents

It’s all about earthly materials like wood, macrame, and ceramic to get that fresh, artisanal look. Handmade style elements like bespoke ceramic tiles express an appreciation for art and creativity. Macrame is back, after a few decades of rest, and it’s hanging out in homes across the country. It’s laid-back look is whimsical and fun, as well as functional—hang your plants in a macrame hanger! Wood brings in a lot of warmth to any space, and we’re seeing it show up in natural wood grain on cabinets and furniture, as well as decorative and functional objects. Designers are often drawn to wood because of its versatility and natural beauty; consider adding some natural wood, ceramic, or woven elements in your home.

Try it at home: Look for artisans near you for some inspiration, or search online for ideas of handmade goods you can incorporate into your home decor.

Plants Galore

Plants make a home feel fresh and inviting, whether they’re small or large, in a big pot on the floor, in vessels on tables or shelves, or hanging from the ceiling, plants add a natural look and give life to your space. These living accessories provide a creative layer to any design, and there are so many varieties of houseplants that regardless of your style, chances are that you’ll find a plant that complements your design aesthetic.

Try it at home: visit your local nursery or plant store to learn more about which indoor plants thrive in your area and in your home. Take notes of where you get the most and least natural light so that you can let the staff at the garden store have a better idea of what type of plants to suggest to you. If you’re not someone with a green thumb, you can consider a low-maintenance fern or cactus. A big leaf fern like a Fiddle Leaf Fig can help brighten up an empty corner, helps to round out the room.


This year, we’re seeing bold tribal patterns and brightly colored rugs that pack some serious punch. Update your home with the richness and fine quality of an authentic hand-knotted Persian or Moroccan rug. An area rug can easily serve as the foundation or central piece of a design composition; they can make a statement and tie a room together. An emerging trend is contemporary takes on traditional handmade rugs; they honor the classic design but introduce a new twist on the old look. This includes rugs with bolder, brighter, more contemporary tribal patterns, and vintage traditional rugs overdyed with deep jewel tones.

Try it at home: Before you select a rug, think of how you want to feel in the space. Do you want your entryway to be sleek and minimalist? If so, maybe go for a refined oriental design. Does your home office need a splash of color? Boost your creativity and inspiration with a brightly colored overdyed Moroccan vintage area rug.

Indigo Everything!

Indigo is so in right now. From rugs to bedding, pillows to framed fabric as wall art, indigo is a vibrant accent color that can level-up your look. This popular hue is an accent color that doesn’t disappoint! Indigo looks great in small spaces like powder rooms and cozy nooks, and it provides a dramatic impact in often overlooked corners of the home. In larger spaces, indigo throws and accent walls add texture and interest.

Try it at home: If you’re not ready to go all in with indigo, try some small accents like drawer pulls, pillows, or lampshades–they can make an impact.

Photographic series

In this digital age where we have thousands and thousands of photos on our devices, it might be surprising to think about decorating with printed photographs, but photos are making a big comeback. Curated displays of photographic series are really hot right now. Decorating with your own series of photographs is a simple way to add personal touches to any space. When you decorate with photos that mean something to you, you’re visually telling a story and capturing the essence of a memory to enjoy for years to come. Print and frame your own series of photos on sites like Levelframes or Parabo Press.

Try it at home: before you get started, think of a theme that would work with your space. Maybe you want to add personal touches to your dining room, and a series of shots from outdoor dinners with your friends and family would liven up the space. For a guest bathroom, you could be playful and include a series of your kids and dog playing in the sprinklers in the backyard. Have fun with this and get creative!

Colorful Kitchens

Kitchens are getting some serious attention this year, and designers aren’t afraid to play with color when it comes to the space. 2018 brings texture and pops of color kitchen design. Light pops of color can brighten up a small kitchen that’s heavily used for cooking, while dark, rich tones can set the mood for entertaining guests. Green is in, and you can get a charming and inviting look with hunter green accent walls or sage green cabinets. Give your kitchen a refreshed look with updated metal accents and accessories. More and more homeowners are seeking alternatives to stainless steel and black, so there is a popular trend making headway this year and it’s all about rose golds and copper accents in handles, appliances, and accessories.

Try it at home: If you’re not ready to go all-out with a colorful kitchen, consider painting an accent green onto your kitchen island or pantry door to give the space a new focus.

One of the best things about 2018 design is that you can be free to be you; express yourself in whatever way you wish. Go bold with color, make a statement with an intricate pattern, or be soft and subdued with muted tones and a natural look. Whatever you do, enjoy it and have fun making your home somewhere you love to be.

Which design trends would you like to try this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.




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