Tarry Lane

Joanne and Chris have a beautiful house in Orinda. They had already started work on their living room with another designer when an unexpected family issue forced them to pause the project. About a year later, I started where they'd left off. The goal was to create a relaxing and soothing living space where the would feel calm and could enjoy precious time with family and friends.

My challenge for this project was to blend the previous designer's traditional look in the living room with a more casual feel in the new adjacent dining room and to keep fluidity between the two spaces.

I added a few softer touches to the living room while creating an elegant but organic feel for the dining room with elements like a live edge dining table, a mix of leather and metal chairs and topping it off with a unique and stunning chandelier to balance it all.

The concept for the family room was all about comfort and family time. I kept much of the focus low to the ground for fun and play and incorporated the cozy sofa for family movie and game nights. I featured family portraits mixed in with framed art and black & white prints on long, stacked metal shelves to give edge, dimension, and a personal feel to the room. I chose a soothing hue of blue for the walls to bring calm and comfort to the space.