50 th Street

Emily and Paul live in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland with their two children and two kittens. They were all equally fun to work with – especially the kittens who followed my every move! This project was a top-to-bottom face-lift. When I met Emily and Paul, they shared that they were “'so over their house”;they had lived there a long time, eventually had their young kids, and hadn’t gotten around to making any changes to anything since they first moved in. Their furniture was a mish-mash collection from their single days mixed in with a few more recent purchases. They weren’t fond of much of anything anymore, and they were ready for a big change. They considered selling their house and everything in it so that they could just start anew somewhere else but they quickly nixed that plan after realizing how much they’d miss their neighborhood and the lives they had created there. So they decided to stay put and hire a designer to help them give their beloved home a much-needed makeover.

We started by giving all the old and dark wood trims in the house a fresh coat of crisp white paint to bring everything back to life. Then, I worked to create a comfortable atmosphere that included easy-living furniture for parents, kids and cats alike to coexist without compromising Emily and Paul’s sense of style. The end result is a welcoming, practical, and relaxed home that allows for entertaining friends, enjoying family time, and keeping a tidy and organized home. This project was a lot of fun!