When you love where you live, you feel inspired when you wake up and relaxed when you come home at the end of the day; you look forward to welcoming friends for dinner, and enjoy lounging around with family on the weekend. A well-loved home is comfortable, functional, and personal.

Whether you are refreshing the look of your living room, remodeling your kitchen or your master bathroom, turning your basement into a family room, or reclaiming your living space after your kid goes off to college, the BLD team is happy to help!

We are committed to ensuring that your home is a reflection of you and your lifestyle.

Bleu Leman Design can provide you with services including:


When we work together, you’ll get the support of a full team of skilled professionals.

I am fortunate to work with a talented team of qualified, capable, and reliable trade professionals. To ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new home, I entrust the skills of my painter, upholsterer, seamstress, handyman, and window treatment vendor. I’m also happy to recommend contractors and sub-contractors for remodels and structural work.

Please note: BLD is not a licensed architectural firm but we are able to contract out detailed plans and drawings that the project's contractor can take through permitting.


The Process


Home design is meant to be an enjoyable and fun experience. Throughout the entire design process, you’ll feel taken care of and comfortable knowing that your home is in good hands.



Once I’ve received your inquiry, I’ll ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire to briefly describe your project. We will schedule a call or a complimentary 30-minute in-house consultation to chat more about your needs, timeline, and budget and see if we are a good match for your project. If you want to move forward, I will return for a more in-depth visit during which we'll talk in details about your lifestyle, your aspirations, your style; we'll discuss and create a vision for each room in your house, list specific needs for furniture, lighting, decor, etc. At that time, I will take pictures of your space and all necessary measurements.


I’ll write up a thorough scope of work, detailed for each room in the house, that outlines the lifestyle and design goals we discussed, and it lists all the design elements (such as paint, window coverings, furniture, lighting, accessories) that we agreed to include.

You’ll review the scope of work, and we will make any needed revisions and prioritize the different elements. Once approved, I’ll send the full project proposal with my time/cost estimate and contract.


Upon signing the contract, I’ll start gathering ideas and resources by shopping online and perusing established retail stores and designer showrooms in the East Bay and San Francisco. I’ll also explore local and original shops right here in our neighborhoods to provide you with links to photos, fabric swatches, rug samples, paint colors, etc., to create a tableau of your project. Together, we will review the options and, based on your feedback, I’ll make adjustments and do additional research if necessary to reach our final vision.


Once we've agreed on the final vision and all elements have been approved, I will take care of all the purchase orders and coordinate all deliveries.

The installation is the fun day when everything comes together: I will be on-site with a handyman to receive, assemble, arrange, and hang all lighting, furniture, and wall art, etc. I will accessorize the space and put the finishing touches to tie the entire look together. We will do a final walk through to assure that everything is just as you want it.


The Final Step

We pop the champagne and toast to your new home!



Design work is billed on an hourly basis and invoices are submitted monthly. Once the scope of the project is determined, I will provide you with an initial estimate of design hours.